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Adult Education

Adult Education


Our adult education courses range from Hebrew reading to Bible study; from Talmud to history; from ethics to the mystical.

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of the classes we currently hold.  Click on them for more information about each class. 

Knowledge is power: The mind is a powerful gift from G‑d.  In the drive to actually "serve G‑d with a complete heart", study is a vital tool.

If we are to truly integrate G‑d into our lives, to actually lead meaningful, substantive lives, we’ve got to set our minds.  Being Jewish may take no effort, but feeling and acting Jewish takes focus and inner exercise.  We owe it to ourselves and to our precious heritage to take the time, expend the effort, and devote the presence of mind to exploring Jewish identities.

The Torah can be studied and experienced on a myriad of levels, from the practical prescriptions for conduct and ritual, to the esoteric concepts embodied therein.

Every layer of appreciation and understanding serves as a prelude to the next. Let’s appreciate what we have.  Life is too precious and fleeting for us to ignore the keys to its richness.

A perfect start to a Shabbos morning. Study the classic Chabad texts in an easy to understand and relaxing class.
Challenge your mind with the most famous classical text in Judaism - the Talmud.
The founding book on which Chabad Chassidus is based. Learn from the beginning!
Wherever you are in Denver, we can arrange to learn with you, at your pace and on your level.
Keep up to date with the weeks Parsha, while receiving interesting insights and explanations on the weeks portion.